OUR Allies (Warframe PS4): April 2016

  • April 4, 2016
no, this is not april fools. this is april 5th already I wont be online and the clan and such will be taken care by clan mods and admins if you're on PS4 and you see my profile, go under my friends list and seek help from clan mods and admins people to seek help: (look under my friends list for full names) sinlord chimplover rhynohsaurusrexx jon_j_wylde these are my go-to guys. there are more in the clan Thanks in advance I'm chasing life atm (girl, job, location, you name it) my last nail on the coffin with my exploration with my adventures in video game addiction is here: although counter intuitive, having online friends and interaction as well as a clan that you call family does pull you into the game for a while. But in actually, the interactions actually taper you off from addiction in the long run because you hit a wall where you stop learning anything new about the game and you snap out of your addiction. You end up deciding when you quit your addiction but apparently, I was so entrenched into the game that I ended up "sobering up" and quitting video games on my own without intervention (which would my addiction stronger because I would have been barred from it (think prohibition) instead of having a presence of mind to stop on my own). thank you for reading