OUR Allies (Warframe PS4): The escapism of video games

  • March 25, 2016
People use video games to escape the drudgery, contemplation, complexity, procrastination, and analysis by paralysis of everyday life Some people feel trapped by life's limitations and how little we can do to change our own surroundings. Even if we were given the full control of our actions and destiny, today's societal infrastructure (that the past generations did not have) hinders where you can and cannot go Sometimes, it just feels as if we are damned if we acted upon our own intentions because of unforeseen risks and consequences and damned if we didn't because we continue to dwell on unaccomplished goals left in the rear view mirror It feels as if our brain is not evolved fast enough and built to handle the pressure, rules, teachings, and allotments that today's generation faces where yesteryear's achievements seems so intuitive and elementary compared to today's globalized worldly competition Other times, it feels as if society is built in a way that pulls you towards the same direction as your peers that makes certain goals and achievements seem unremarkable because everyone seems to be heading towards the same outcome, where people are weeded out in the process Water always flows from uphill to downhill. Even if you're one of the chosen ones that would ultimately change the future, overpopulation, specialization of schooling, and being coerced into a future that you did not intend to make for yourself makes the value of your time and efforts less meaningful. If you halted your efforts like a big rock stuck in the middle of a stream, it feels like someone else (bigger, stronger, faster) birthed around your time or behind you will simply flow around you and surpass you towards achieving the greater destined goal If feels as if had it not been you who invented something to contribute something towards the world, someone else would have beat you to the punch and worldly progress always moves forward regardless if you personally fed into it. Look at how multiple discoveries throughout history has debated which independent scientists really claimed the inventions of what discovery: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_discovery](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_discovery) The most famous being calculus and how it's disputed among independent researchers: meaning had Newton died, someone else from the same era would have still discovered calculus and society would have still moved on from there unperturbed [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multiple_discoveries](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multiple_discoveries) Although this sounds demotivational, this is how recorded history works ever since recorded time, meaning that had one branch or root of the innovative tree died, another simply overcomes and takes its place. Similar to how Jerusalem birthed 3 major religions: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_significance_of_Jerusalem](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_significance_of_Jerusalem) Had Christianity, Judaism, or Islam halted, there will still be the other branches of religion at play to impact society It almost feels like as if you were not the sperm to ultimately reach the egg, it would be someone else winning the embryo battle and controlling your life in a better way Progress will not be hindered, where if you're not the chosen ones striding towards the future, you're the dead weight that is used to build the roads and bridges for others to walk on, similar to how an ant colony functions in water to save the population: [http://antlab.gatech.edu/antlab/The_Ant_Raft.html](http://antlab.gatech.edu/antlab/The_Ant_Raft.html) Believe me, I've been there. It's a hard pill to swallow where it seems that despite being in power of your own life, we cannot seem to change any bit of it to our liking before running into a lot of red tape and upheaval from peers, parents, teachers, employers, and society. It almost feels as if your self exile in a dis-associative video game purgatory is better at creating a happy-stasis because your creative-doppelganger would do all the work and take all the credit without you to ever interfere and contest the situation with him to see who earns the ultimate credit at the end and who wasted his life becoming a second place nobody Instead of being second place at all (similar to how Gottfried was second to Newton at inventing calculus), we choose to take on a different role in an alternative reality to seek escapism in video games It's not like that we dispel life for what it's worth, we simply feel as if there is too many negative forces at play and too many restrictive zones and forces that makes everyone become sheep, where the public's perception of normal is monetized and stupefied by reeling us into chain restaurants, hooking us to buy commercial branding, gathering us in sports arenas, and rounding us in generic social gatherings propelled by generic-safe-demographic television shows and lowest-common-denominator commercials life is important, but had life been more meaningful and constructive towards the way we shape it instead of the cookie cutter options that society give us such as choosing presidential candidates, we could pursue life more and we would chase life's endeavors more than that of a video game video games give us the assumption and allure of obtaining freedom of the mind without actually being free The developers are free to code and implement their agenda into the game and we are free to play it in their world as they have designed it when it comes to video games, we are bound to the scripts of what the developers tell us to do that is within the boundaries of their frontier -- we cannot go further than that because that is our limits until we find another game title the illusion of video game escapism compels your mind's ability to think of the possibilities to do in an open sandbox world that is alternative to your reality until you ultimately find out the things that you can't pursue whereby you lie to yourself and convince yourself that the next game title will give you more adventure, more freedom, and trick your amygdala that you finally found your creative universe to bind your life to [http://www.ourallies.org/2015/10/the-nature-of-video-game-addition.html](http://www.ourallies.org/2015/10/the-nature-of-video-game-addition.html) video games does improve cognitive ability and creative stamina on the short term levels of benefit but the long term detriment is that you lose your life dedicating towards something as simple as playing on someone else's server and using game data that could be corrupted and irretrievable. the bitter truth is that although your gaming footprint has stepped into multiple alternative realities based on how many game titles you experienced, your experience and memories of the game are simply the only things that you take away because the data that you matriculate is ultimately someone else's intellectual property that they shared with you and not ultimately yours to take away your experiences escaping in video games could be deep, emotional, and overwhelming at times, but the multiverse of a rich heritage in gaming is only yours to treasure had there not been anyone else in the journey or had there not been any other fan page websites that discusses what you like we humans are social creatures and what good is it that you have all these experiences and memories if you cannot openly share it with someone who did not play the game for them to follow you? we humans are built to hunt and travel with our working bodies and mental memories. we cannot simply sit because we are built as active individuals. we get tired and we get sick if we do not sleep, eat, and recharge with human interactions. short term gain of a video game is only temporary compared to some of the permanent damages of that gaming lifestyle in short, video games is good to learn from on a temporary basis with an end value. there will be no continuous learning and enjoyment because everything becomes homogeneous and mundane over time therefore, instead of distributing your digital footprint into all games where the intellectual property is not ultimately yours, is would be beneficial to start honing yourself to come back to living life in reality and facing your fears and challenges through coping mechanisms called bold faced ranting [http://blahtherapy.com/](http://blahtherapy.com/) go though all your setbacks and pitfalls and pick up where you left off once you figured yourself out. the key thing to know is that you have all the answers inside you because you experienced every bit of the moments and emotions that make you lie awake at night the only thing left to do is to rant until you have every web untangled and knot untied for you to move forward from mental clotting. waking up with less and less problems will make your goals clearer and clearer with a definite purpose in life detailed orientated actions will make things happen. with your video game experience of thinking outside the box of reality, you will conquer your fears and carve your path into a reality where you don't have to save your progress every time in order to move forward the intellectual property of your real life tracking will be yours to keep and you can never worried about having the rug pulled under you by the game developers dumping a server, losing your progress, changing an update, or deleting your account with your newfound glory of having video game boundaries that supersedes reality, you will have problem solving at a new altitude and you will think like a developer instead of a player where you understand where water trickles down on a mountain and where water ends up at the delta because who knows? we wouldn't want both you and your doppelganger to be relying on each other to finish the job while both parties are stalled in exile playing a video game. Your advantage is that because of the multitude of people stuck in hiatus reaping the mental hand-me-downs of encapsulated in a video game, less competition will be there to greet you at the finish line at life's juncture. and yes, the encapsulation of society in a video game cuts both ways. just make sure you know which way the blade is cutting before applying your efforts good luck The other short fix is to watch ~50 movies outside of your favorite genres that builds character in scripted situations. [https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081221194846AABYzUO](https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081221194846AABYzUO) even if the movie does not allow you to pick out the options for the scene in the situations of a movie like a video game, the beautiful coincidence of time, cause, effect, and consequence is played out before your eyes in a compelling manner to teach you something. Be sure to not skip scenes or fast forward. the unwinding of yourself by not having to do something to be entertained is no longer binded to you in a movie, where you are just there to relax and pay attention. this dissociation with a controller after selecting and sitting through 50 movies will better adhere you to the pace of everyday life where it is not critical to act within 2 seconds of every interval but you're pacing yourself to act in long deliberative premeditated actions every 10 minutes instead of quick short burst intervals of reactionary gestures. the transitional life between video games and life needs a intermediate step of well picked movies to build character and transition into living life with slow, measured, deliberate and premeditated actions that contacts more surfaces area so that your strategies will be put into action with more depth of pursuit you can transition out of video games by watching a movie while playing video games until one of the movies overpowers your attention. then, you spend the next few weeks bingeing on a marathon of movies. after that, transition into life by putting on a movie during your downtime. make sure you watch movies boarder line to the ones that you just watched by having imdb giving you close results and always make sure you watch all the constructive genres instead of the limited few that you are so accustomed to. Make sure the movie is made up of real actors to portray real life examples while transitioning into life, where the real life actors are a representation of people you might encounter watching a well rounded representation of movie genre selections is a really great fix into building lasting character in certain situations you perhaps never been in, which churns the mind into situational problem solving. Instead of exploratory video games that get dull with the same subplots and genres, sometimes, it's good to take life lessons from great roles filled by actors and great scripts.