OUR Allies (Warframe PS4)

  • June 25, 2016
**tl;dr:** Do what you like doing on warframe and actively ask every qualifying friend/stranger you bump into to join your clan or alliance (communications > recent players). Qualifications: merit, communication, sportsmanship, performance, overall interaction. Hello chowder members, I'm the master guru architect of the clan and alliance Although no longer playing, I still retain mass information about how the game is played, insider knowledge, and how to recruit. I told sax about the ins and outs about recruiting and I'm going to say the 'skinny' of what to do directly: First of all, this is summer and kids are out of school, so recruiting on a massive scale via 'spam recruiting' or 'public announcements' are eliminated unless you want a bunch of immature kids in your clan. Second, you must understand that warframe, no matter how you classify it, is a form of procrastination. No matter how you slice it, warframe is designed as a game to simply make you happy or else you wont be playing warframe anymore. Nobody wants to play a game and then be assigned the 'chore' of recruiting because it takes the fun away. If someone is already 'procrastinating life,' why would one be obligated to do any recruiting? There's tons of things that 'one should do' outside of warframe that is already nagging one to death and adding the 'delegation' of recruiting to people will make them add another thing on the procrastination list. Once you understand this mentality of people and why people play warframe, you will understand that a company's hierarchy works in the real life because people are getting paid to do it. If there is no extrinsic monetary motivation, any type of company hierarchy in real life collapses. Likewise, that is also the reason why there is such a high turnover rate of people who play warframe for a while and then quit: because their joy of playing runs out and they move on as opposed to people overstaying for a job just for the money. A game's clan system is based on camaraderie, passion, and good vibes. Intrinsic motivation comes from having a good time in the game and being part of a social community. What drives people is from interior brain chemical secretions and not from an exterior paycheck. Therefore, for people to do ANYTHING for the clan, you CANNOT simply give them a title promotion and 'delegate or split up the work.' Paying people for their work in a game is superficial and will run a person's wealth to the ground. Simply stated, paying someone to do tasks will make them blackmail you for more payment. Instead, the incentive for someone to do anything on a non-monetary system has to come from within. Everyone, regardless of title, has to be doing what they like to do on warframe to continue their satisfaction towards the game; otherwise, they find any excuse to quit or not do the task. It is absolutely suicidal for a clan to delegate roles based on title -- nobody will do what they are told and everybody will go back to 'equilibrium' towards what they were doing before the delegation. In addition, the PR guy or the lawyer or the whatever-role could quit warframe at any given day and none of the knowledge nor experience could be salvaged by another member -- whatever information that guy quit with will be lost forever in the annals of clan lore and verbal storytelling. Since we are not dealing with money, we have to tailor recruiting on the intrinsic values on what an individual believes that he should do for himself as well as the clan. If the person is motivated towards getting the clan back to what it once was, his joy and passion will drive him to do so. But for the common clanmate, tailor what the person does best for joy by having recruiting not as a 'chore' but as an 'add-on' to add new members to the clan. Instead of classifying recruiting as a separate entity that people have to dedicate themselves and focus on, make recruiting a tag-along thing to do. For example: If you are trading: after the trade, ask if they wish to join the clan or alliance. We run both the clan and alliance; therefore, if they already have a clan, ask if they want to be in the same alliance. If you like running keys or specific missions: after you see them perform well, ask if they want to join the clan or alliance....this includes FARMING and RANDOM LOBBIES...just be mindful to ask every qualifying person you see to join your clan. This is a number's game and you will get more members the more you try. Whatever you do on warframe that is social with outside people, ask them if they want to join the clan or alliance as a gesture of kindness and support your reason with their qualities that you like. Along with gaming to seek pleasure, people seek compliments. Only ask the people who do not portray asshole behaviors to make your time worthwhile. Only ask at the end so that the proposal wont sabotage your trade or mission. If people blackmail you to give them a better offer for a deal or make you give them your reward, they are eliminated because they have ulterior motives that is detrimental towards the clan. Warframe by default is an interaction platform so saying you are shy as an excuse will not suffice because you could be playing a solo game instead. By evaluating their performance in-game or communication skills while trading, you can filter out the better players to be your future clanmates. Again, do what you like and act as you please in order to satisfy your intrinsic motivation to keep playing warframe and add the additional question of joining your clan or alliance to the end of every social interaction. This will not only result in more players in the clan, the players will be better and reflect your skill level. Again, the goal is to not build a wall (or recruit your ass off and then give up), but rather place this brick as best as you can for the next brick to be placed (recruit the players that best reflect your attributes to join your clan). Multiplied by all the effort of every clan member, then you will have a wall or a community you can call your clan simply by mindful interactions on a daily basis. The paradox with recruiting is that you end up playing with the players that you recruited instead of seeking new players. Therefore, that is why chowder remains 300 members so there is balance with how much time you spend with familiar clanmates and actively seek strangers to be in your clan. The 30x clan tax is also sustainable on a research level so there is much incentive for a clan to recruit only like-minded individuals into the clan instead a whole mess of taxpayers who hold no conformity with your values. I emphasize the 80-20 rule: You have to be strategic about ONLY doing 20% of the IMPORTANT work to gain 80% of the results. Of course, there are a bunch of other solutions group-think has come up with. However, some ideas and plans would reap fewer recruits or worse recruits and also compromise more of your time being happy doing what you enjoy to do. The point is to focus on what is important to what you like, which is why you play the game in the first place and then have like-minded individuals join your cause. By adding a simple interaction of asking if they would like to join your clan or alliance, you can migrate people you like into your clan. **Addendum** If people are skeptical, make an honest attempt to do it for one day and tell me your results (Do not be forceful but rather tactful in your actions). Just be mindful that you have the additional add-on to ask the people you like to join your clan. Play and trade with strangers and also do hard missions and trade rare stuff to get the right people. You can either be skeptical by mind simulation but the key is to not waste time adding an extra effort to unsustainable long-term recruiting tactics. Over time, you can get better people to join your clan if you treat recruiting not as an additional chore that never gets done but rather as a add-on question doing the things that you already love to do. We are tailoring recruiting based on your interests and values.  We are not delegating people based on title. We are not making people lose their individuality. We are making the clan run smooth by having everyone pursue what they like and evaluating strangers to join the clan based on their merit, communication, sportsmanship, performance, and overall interaction. **Further Reading** [https://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Not-So-Smart/dp/1592407366/](https://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Not-So-Smart/dp/1592407366/) [https://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Now-Less-Dumb/dp/1592408796/](https://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Now-Less-Dumb/dp/1592408796/) Also, do not limit yourself by preconceived notions of your shyness: typing to strangers should not be awkward if you LIKE what they are doing and their actions correlate with your interests (you already should have a similar talking point with your interests)...also, how would you trade with people if you don't type to them? Sincerely give this a chance and make an honest attempt to ask, "I like what you are doing. Would you like to join my clan or alliance?" This is a number's game, where a certain percentage will say yes. In order to achieve the better outcomes desired, you must try a lot. How sweet it is to be recognized as the person who recruited the new member who is a contributor of the clan? Just imagine that the desired outcome is much better than the fleeting awkwardness or the simple letdown of the 'no' response. If you don't ask, you'll never know and stop wasting time wondering if you could have just asked to resolve the situation once and for all. Stop being a skeptic and humble yourself to the point that you can savor new ideas in your mind where your have a hunger to attain knowledge.  Do not simply cherry-pick my statements to agree with your idealism. Instead, read my whole message as a collection of everything that I know about warframe and how players' tendencies result in their behaviors. Make an honest attempt to flip strangers/friends while doing the things that you love; it may take a few tries but you are going for the best people who reflect your values and skill level. RPM = Result tailored Planning for Massive-action The results is that we need recruits. The planning is how to attain those coveted results in the best method. The massive action is to only do carry out the plan in a lean and linear manner without wasting energy on noneffective, non-feasible, or non-sustainable plans. The more that you open your mind towards your expectations -> the more that you are willing to do certain action for those expectations -> the more results that your actions will yield -> the more data that you have to validate those expectations -> the more expectations that you have -> ...and the cycle repeats until you have a well oiled machine churning results that you want to attain. Just go out and have a fun time and be mindful to meet cool people in the process to either add to your friends list, clan list, or alliance list. It might take a while to convert your new friends to your clan and everything has a process. Have people in your clan to participate in this action to multiply the effect. Make strangers into your friends and recruit your friends into your clan. Good Luck